Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knitting and October News

October has been a busy month. I have completed several hats including the Thorpe for D. I've been working on a political campaign for a democratic candidate for state assemble. The work is very conducive to knitting so I've cranked out several hats while encouraging others to Rock the Vote! I completed a beret for myself. I also completed a Thorpe for Kyle in his school color - purple, and a marsan watch cap. Kyle actually wore his Thorpe to school this morning. I just hope it makes it back home. I absolutely loved knitting with malabrigo yarn and want to knit more hats just to have an excuse to by more yarn.

I have really enjoyed working on the campaign. Voters are really passionate this election year. I am surprised by the number of democrats who are now voting republican and I am in California. Please people vote. We need a change in this country.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not Knitting!

Yesterday was my Mom's 65th birthday and I baked her a cake. Carrot cake... with coconut, pineapple, and walnuts... it was a little slice of heaven. We will have the official celebration this weekend, dinner at Yankee Pier in Lafayette.

In other news my Great Uncle was honored for his work as a civil rights activist. The article in the Beaumont Enterprise is titled "Civil rights champions immortalized in bronze." Just a clip form the article..."And on Tuesday Beaumont Municipal Court Judge Theodore R. Johns and his former law partner, the late Elmo R. Willard, were honored by the Beaumont Foundation with the unveiling of a bronze sculpture near the entrance of the Jefferson County Courthouse." Several years ago they built a library in his honor and now a statue. I am so proud. He is the in the center of the photo.

I promise the next post will be a knitting update. I am waiting for Cascade 220 ordered from Webs sale last week. The day it arrives I will start the Turtleneck Tube Vest from Fitted Knits.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Houston I Think I Have a Problem!

So I'm organizing my smaller closet and I have sixty, yes 60 skirts on hangers. At least 1/3 of these still have the tags attached. I haven't even counted the folded denim skirts yet. I think this means I am obsessed. I'm guessing that I must have at least 40 pairs of capri pants and 60 dresses. I worked for a clothing manufacturer for many years and have denim and khakis galore. I donate clothes to charity every month but clearly my donations aren't keeping pace with my shopping. I don't even want to think about the walk-in closet.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who Wants A Clean House (or a Well Organized One)?

Last week I made a resolution to really have a clean/well organized house. My name is Stephanie and I am a pack rat. I inherited this trait from the women in my family. My mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins... all pack rats. My house is clean but I have piles of papers, and too many clothes. I have a huge walk in closet and a double closet in my bedroom, I still can't fit all of the cloths. Did I mention that several years ago I spent thousands of dollars on a fancy closet organizer which was professionally installed. It helps but only if you get ride of old clothes when you buy new ones.

I need to break this cycle. I am not as bad as some but I vow to conquer the clutter and organize this house. Life was much easier with a cleaning lady. Last week I joined www.flylady.net and started the journey. It all starts with a clean sink. There are short challenges and a mission each day and they really help. One day at a a time, one closet or drawer at a time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Son and Feeding my Chocolate Addiction

Check out my handsome son on his way to a benefit at his old middle school. He cleans up nicely.

I did cave in last night and made the Chocolate cake from thepioneerwomancooks.com site. I discovered the cake on pieknits.com and had to try it. This is the best chocolate cake I have ever baked. My teenaged boys loved it.
There isn't much to report on the knitting front, I did knit up several baby hats for a co-worker. I started a baby totem jacket.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stitches West

I made the drive to Santa Clara for Stitches West on Friday. I found some great yarn and really wish I could go back. I enjoyed the 2.5 hours I spent at Stitches West but it wasn't enough time. I picked up a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts medium weight sock yarn - Rare Gems. Several skeins of Malabtigo Stonechat, Lisa Souza Big Wool - Petroglyph, and http://www.lisaknit.com 100% Superfine Merino superwash also in Petroglyph. I tried to by yarns that I couldn’t get at the LYS. I also picked up my Ravelry passport (didn’t get all of the pages stamped), and a “Where my Stitches At” button. I may try to get back to the market on Sunday. I didn't get to take any classes but promised myself I will next time. It was nice to see so many knitters in one place. I loved the ladies at Nine Rubies, wish I lived closer to their store. I made a note to buy the lace scarf kit - they sold out at Stitches West. I also loved the hand dyed yarns at A Verb For Keeping Warm and can't wait to see more at Article Pract. Love the Zero stitch markers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On The Needles…

2008 has been filled with small quick knitting projects. I have completed 4 hats, and several dish cloths. Super K - the 13 year old sprained his knee during a basketball scrimmage and has been on crutches. He asked for knitted socks for his crutches so I improvised on a pattern and whipped them out in an hour. He made the honor roll at school and I am soooo proud. I feel slightly guilty for nagging him to do home work but it was worth it.