Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knitting and October News

October has been a busy month. I have completed several hats including the Thorpe for D. I've been working on a political campaign for a democratic candidate for state assemble. The work is very conducive to knitting so I've cranked out several hats while encouraging others to Rock the Vote! I completed a beret for myself. I also completed a Thorpe for Kyle in his school color - purple, and a marsan watch cap. Kyle actually wore his Thorpe to school this morning. I just hope it makes it back home. I absolutely loved knitting with malabrigo yarn and want to knit more hats just to have an excuse to by more yarn.

I have really enjoyed working on the campaign. Voters are really passionate this election year. I am surprised by the number of democrats who are now voting republican and I am in California. Please people vote. We need a change in this country.


cici said...

Yes We Can!!!, next week this time it will be all over. This has been the most exciting election in my lifetime. I am doing some volunteering tonight. Glad to hear from you again. :D

Virtuous said...

Wow!! I never knew you were "reading" me! :o)

What a great surprise!

Thanks for delurking and I hope you keep up your blogging too!

Happy 2009!!